A Bird's Eye view: Our Langkawi Escapade (Part 2)

A Bird's Eye view: Our Langkawi Escapade (Part 2)

After a couple of days of sunshine and bliss, our third day in Langkawi started off with an outing to the Langkawi Cable Car.  A must do for everyone who hankers after a panoramic unspoiled view of Langkawi from up above

Batik&Bubbles_LGK cable car 1

The Langkawi Cable car base station is situated within the Oriental Village which is located at the bottom of Mt. Machinchang.  The village itself is dare I say it a rather plasticky looking shopping area full of nondescript cafes and souvenir shops.  We didn't have time to visit the rest of the village but apparently you can also go for elephant rides, quad biking, zorbing and Segway tours.


Queueing up for admission tickets: Spot the husband with the red hat !

Queueing up for admission tickets: Spot the husband with the red hat !

After purchasing our tickets and as our slot was around 4pm in the afternoon, we decided to jaunt over to Tanjung Rhu, a beautiful quiet beach up on the northern part of the island for a spot of lunch and a quick swim.

Batik&Bubbles_Tanjung Rhu stomp

We dined at the Tanjung Rhu Resort at Sands restaurant where we were served up a medley of local delights such as Hokkien Mee and Char Kway Teow.   I was quite surprised to see only a few guests sprinkled around the resort even though it was the middle of a public holiday. Perhaps a good option if you're looking for some peace and quiet.

After lunch, we took a short drive further up Tanjung Rhu beach and found a great spot to splash in.  Here the water was crystal clear and cool.  There is a little shack on the beach where you can rent umbrellas and grab a quick snack or an ice cold coconut water!

Batik&Bubbles_Tanjung rhu umbrellas

After enjoying the sun and sand, we returned to the Langkawi Cable Car.  Finally,  our expedition began up the steep hill and up and up the mountain we went!

Batik&Bubbles_Cable car up

Evidently Langkawi Cable Car is amongst the steepest in the world.   Ascending a hair-raising 708 metres up the mountain!  

Sean's expression and excitement ? Priceless..

Sean's expression and excitement ? Priceless..

As you can see the kids were absolutely thrilled with the climb and not at all afraid of the heights!


Once we reached the Middle and Top station we were amazed at how quick the wind and clouds blew around us rapidly changing our views of the island and sea.  One could see how quickly the atmosphere changed as we made our slow climb up the mountain.  

As we came out of our cable car,  we were also surprised by how cold the wind felt and were slightly shivering in the cold fresh breeze.

We didn't quite make it to the skybridge as it was getting rather late in the day however, I would definitely like to do it next time I am here in Langkawi.  It so happens that the Sky Bridge is the "longest free span and curved bridge" in the world.

One word of advice, do purchase your tickets beforehand online. It took us an hour to buy a ticket and you are then given a time slot later in the day on when you can enter. This mama unfortunately made a mistake of not doing that and we had to queue up for another hour before we got to start our journey up the mountain!  Do wear light clothes, bring water and make sure to take a trip to the wc before starting the uphill journey, as it is a long wait before you get to actually enjoy the cable car experience.  However once you are up there it is definitely worth the wait as you get to enjoy astounding views way up high.

Batik&Bubbles_LGK Cable Car 2

Luckily the kids were in good spirits and didn't make much complaints about the wait.  I guess they were just too excited and didn't know what to expect from the journey!

Once we returned to our hotel, the kids were packed off to bed under the care of our nanny, and we adults got to check out the nightlife at Pantai Cenang.

We were recommended by a friend to have sunset drinks at Thirstday bar and restaurant, one of Cenang's latest watering holes.  Here we got the best view of the beach and enjoyed the casual ambiance of the surroundings.

Unfortunately the day was pretty overcast however, we still got to enjoy a pretty cool sunset.  It was so nice to get away from the hustle of the city and enjoy the calmness of the sea!

Shades of blue, pink and purple - a special sunset over Pantai Cenang

Shades of blue, pink and purple - a special sunset over Pantai Cenang

We walked down the main street of Pantai Cenang in search of some authentic ikan bakar (grilled fish) for dinner and tried out a local restaurant called Warung Janggus which serves plenty of local delicacies from the region . The place was packed with Malaysians which is a good sign whenever choosing a food establishment to dine at.  Our ikan bakar came with a special hot and spicy secret sauce which did not disappoint!

On our last day we decided to visit the Underwater World which holds some of Langkawi's best marine life and fresh water fish .  It was a pretty large place, standing at 34,701 feet and boasting a 15 metre see-through underwater tunnel which felt like a large dark cavern.  

Batik&Bubbles_Underwater world kids

The kids were gasping at all the varieties of underwater life and were running hastily from one aquarium to another, pointing and shrieking with excitement.  

It was a pleasurable morning for everyone. Our favourite part was the underwater tunnel with its plethora of shark, turtles and giant fish.  I wasn't too fond of seeing the penguins  as I thought it a bit sad to see them in such an artificial environment.  Overall it was a good place to while away a couple of hours if you need a break from the sun.

We just had enough time before our evening flight to catch a quick coffee at Bon Ton Resort and Restaurant, which is an old favourite haunt of mine.  It was good to see that not a lot has changed and it is still the cosy, rustic place I remember from several years ago.

Batik&Bubbles_Bon Ton kids back

The owner of the resort is an avid animal lover and there is even an animal clinic, The Langkawi Island Animal Clinic, situated within the grounds.  It was very endearing to see a few sleepy cats and dogs lying around the resort, definitely the most privileged guests of the resort with free accommodation and food!

One of the lucky cats living at Bon Ton

One of the lucky cats living at Bon Ton

I haven't personally stayed here myself but I do hope to stay next time at the Temple tree boutique hotel, which is part of the Bon Ton group next time I am in Langkawi.

We ordered some goat cheese canapes and chicken satay for the kids which filled us up for our journey back home to Kuala Lumpur.

The kids had one last final run in the gardens. We were so thrilled to end our holiday on a high happy note .

Lots of space to run around at Bon Ton Langkawi!

Lots of space to run around at Bon Ton Langkawi!

We had a great time Langkawi, we'll be back soon!

- Farena

  • Don't miss Langkawi Cable Car and make your online booking at  www.panoramalangkawi.com or call (04) 9594225/1225.
  • Sands restaurant at Tanjung Rhu Resort is located on Tanjung Rhu Beach.  Visit their website at www.tanjungrhu.com.my or call (04) 959 1033.
  • Thirstday Restaurant and Bar is located on Pantai Cenang, for reservations call (012) 205 9912.
  • Underwater World is also located on Pantai Cenang and for more info please visit www.underwaterworldlangkawi.com.my or call (04) 955 6100.
  • Bon Ton Resort & Restaurant's website is www.bontonresort.com.my or call (04) 955 1688.
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