The Polka Dot Princess!

Kusama is the Gaga before Lady Gaga, the Sia before Sia.  In her eclectic wigs and flamboyant outfits, you can trace the authenticity of her character through the decades – and particularly through the photographs of New York city in the 1950s and 60s among the war protests, and Warhol parties, she was as she is now.  

Confessions of a Chocoholic ☆ Chocolate Concierge!

Had you asked me earlier, I would've dramatically - hand-over-heart - proclaimed myself a serious chocoholic.  I thought I earned that title having meticulously curated my taste buds through years of dedicated research, otherwise known as gobbling chocolates at every opportunity.

I was sorely mistaken. 

Enter Ning-Geng Ong Lingam, founder of the exquisitely crafted Chocolate Concierge and title bearer of flavor junkie, hardcore chocoholic and general cacao-know-it-all!