Batik&Bubbles is the brainchild of two friends - Yiga (Tibetan+Californian; right) and Farena (Malaysian; left) . 

Farena Fatah Cooper is a London born Malaysian mother of two who is an avid foodie, traveler and shop-aholic.  Aside from freelancing in PR and marketing communications, she's a fan of reading grisly thrillers, doing yoga and singing bad karaoke in her spare time.

Yiga, a native of California and the Himalayas, has worked in the field of Public Health for ten years, the past seven in Malaysia.  A self-professed neophile, she's a bit of a travel nut, hiking enthusiast, occasional yogini, and voracious silverfish in her consumption of books.

If you have something interesting to share with Batik&Bubbles, please drop us a line at batikandbubbles@gmail.com.

All photos on this site were taken by Yiga or Farena unless otherwise recorded.